What is the best solution for Formative Assessments?

a child taking an exam
What do you think about exams?
  1. Regular, short assessment models have proven to give better student results
  2. Have proven to improve student motivation because of its highly learning-driven approach
  3. A foolproof feedback system of a teacher’s ability to teach and a student’s learning gaps
  4. Creates more engaged students as they see their struggles being remediated and closed
  5. Makes learning goals more defined and a lot more achievable to students
  1. Our working model: We have designed a unique intervention program that uses FAs as a stop-gap method to create more access for students who need support over affirmations.
  2. Our assessments: Are all short, multiple-choice questions that have concepts at the core instead of full chapters. Each question comes with a solution and a video tutorial for a student to use, to review their own performance and learn better.
  3. Data-driven and real-time: A student loses no time or opportunity to learn from their assessment results since they are calculated immediately and have demonstrative solutions to address the problems.
  4. Time-saving for both students and teachers: Institutions dread having an FA model as it requires more effort and work from teachers. This burden is lifted from teachers since Class Saathi provides an endless reserve of quizzes designed by some of the leading minds in the country. With quality assured and the burden eliminated, teachers are now free to address student problems without stressing about grunt administrative work.
  5. Transparency: The student results are free from manipulation as the scores are automated. This eliminates any space for teacher-student bias from the learning space.
  6. Creates awareness among various stakeholders: FAs are only successful if all the major parties involved in learning are connected through this model. Class Saathi brings together all the teachers, students, parents and administrators in one place. All three parties of facilitation can now target their efforts towards a shared goal: the student!
  7. Eliminates fear: Summative Assessments provides scope for students to be judged by their class performance. With the FA system, Class Saathi creates a safe practise space for students to be in charge of their learning without any fear of judgement from peers, teachers, parents or admins. This is because, with Class Saathi, the objective is clearly stated. Assessments are for learning and not of learning!



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