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Many times in a day we have to choose between things we want to do and things we should do. Do you also struggle with choosing between say watching your favourite TV show and revising that important chapter before the next class? You are not alone. We all have impulses that come in the way of our longer-term well-being and goals. Yet for some, it might seem easier to control themselves while for some it may seem a downward spiral. So what does it take to have strong willpower? Let’s find out in this article.

The dictionary meaning of willpower

A simple google search should tell you what the meaning of education is. According to Wikipedia, “Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values and habits.” Over the years, education may have undergone various reforms to keep pace with the changing needs of the time. However, the core values of education have always remained the same.

Class Saathi has ensured that in offering our unique learning product, we are not deviating from the core values of education. That is how we claim to be a reliable pioneer of tech-based learning. …

Most of us define intelligence as possession of a high IQ combined with high EQ. That’s a pretty simplistic definition of what it means to be intelligent and humans definitely have much more to them than these test scores. Of course, had there been a single formula to become intelligent you would’ve definitely learned it in school by now. So what is it that makes up the geniuses of the world? Let’s have a look at some unconventional traits that can make someone truly intelligent.

1. Empathy

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Understanding what other people are going through and accordingly modifying the behaviour of oneself is…

We have been speaking a lot about how Class Saathi benefits students and we believe every word that we’ve spoken is wholly true. While the benefits are many, we haven’t yet shared with our readers what our app’s best features are. For the sake of this article, we roped in Pankaj Agarwal, our founder and CEO to tell us what his favourite features are and who best to hear it from other than the creator of the app himself?

Who best to hear it from other than the creator of the app himself?

To break it down better, we asked Pankaj to talk about some of his favourite features in the two most popular…

If we inspect what the ed-tech industry has to offer by way of products, we can see the same plethora of options curtain dressed by only marginally varying components. It is the same promise of turning any child into an academic genius that many of these companies offer. It is not a bad thing for sure and parents are finding more creative ways to engage their children with their subjects. However, the Indian academic system is still hampered by the age old problems: finding different yet more nuanced ways to make learning a more pressurising experience.

As one can imagine…

The global technology revolution has surely made the world a smaller place. According to Our World in Data, 27,000 people are online for the first time every hour. Imagine the potency of this statistic — what is it like living in a globe where ease of access has allowed for the world to communicate and learn on such a large scale? What does this mean for all the people who are able to get onboard with this paradigm shift?

To say the least, the world of technology and the internet have managed to create a fairly democratic virtual world. Information…

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The ability to deliver with a focussed mindset is the key to an athlete’s or a student’s success on the D-day. If two competitors have the same amount of skill and preparation it is almost certain that the one who is able to focus better will be the one who will emerge successful. So in sports or academics how can one develop this ability? Let’s find out.

1. Remember, the control is within you:

It is you who determines whether to get affected by your environment or not. Nothing external can affect you on its own. Once you realise this…

Developing countries operate under so many chaotic conditions. When there are so many policy issues gripping the various sectors of the country, foundations step up to support the government’s policy visions. This holds true especially for those foundations that are working in education.

Working to further quality education in India is one such NGO of high acclaim — Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF). As of November, TagHive had the pleasure of partnering with them.

Kaivalya Education Foundation or popularly known as KEF operates with the vision of solving complex problems in the public education system through ecosystem specific tech-based solutions. …

It is the day and age of technology. Now more than ever. At work, at home and especially in schools. It is almost as if the world has fallen into an echo chamber that cries “pandemic pandemic!” constantly with faint sounds of “smart classrooms” emerging from the background. These cries are extremely noticeable since it is indeed the need of the hour.

We at TagHive are required to track these growing trends for obvious reasons. What we have noticed emerge as a keyword during the whole pandemic is the “digital divide”. How is a digital divide even possible at the…

What does it mean to design a product that is sustainable? What is it about technology that brings an idea to life and grows with it? Or what it is like to deliver an idea that bypasses all other dynamics to emerge as one that is obviously the right solution?

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs with Apple I
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When Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs built the first Apple product (Apple I) 45 years ago, did they imagine they were going to leave behind a legacy that outlives them? Did they ever think that they would have a customer base readily waiting for them to announce their next big…


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